Removing the barriers to work faced by people with disabilities is easier than you think. 

Here at National Grid, we're working to make sure people with disablities have the opportunities to achieve their ambition. Our supported internship programme has allowed us to employ from the widest possible recruitment pool, bring a breadth of skills and talent to the workplace.

In our experience, people with disabilities bring definied qualities from their own lives to the work they do every day. They are committed individuals, with a fantastic tenacity and determination to overcome problems. With an impeccable work ethic, the interns on our supported internship programme are role models to everyone at National Grid.

ea work inspiration week

During our Graduate Development programme, our graduates arrange a 'Work Inspiration Week' for students with additional learning needs and disabilities. As our future leaders, this opportunity gives our graduates disability confidence for life.  

In February 2015, our graduates hosted the 'Work Inspiration Week' for nearly 50 students with learning disabilities. With eight special schools involved in the week, the graduates took the students on visits around the company and helped them present to senior leaders in our business. From September, a new EmployAbility programme will be set up at National Grid's Wokingham office. This new programme has been set up by three graduates involved in last year's Work Inspiration Week, who were so inspired by the students that they organised the programme and formed relationships with local school.

For us, a supported internship programme like EmployAbility makes business sense. We're proud of our representative workforce, where our employees reflect our customers.

Not only does the EmployAbility programme give our employees great pride in working for National Grid, we're proud that our employees understand the importance of diversity in the workplace. 

Our employees embrace the EmployAbility model. Seeing the interns' self-belief, confidence, communication skills and ambition grow brings tremendous personal and job satisfaction.